Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a ride?

There are several ways to book a taxi quickly and easily.
The service is available 24 hours a day, from any location in Prague and its surroundings.

How can I pay for the ride?

There are several ways to pay for SVEZ.SE services:

1) Payment by card in the app or in the car

2.) Cash

3.) Invoice (only possible with a corporate account – more here)

Is it possible to order a multi-seater car?

Yes, you can book a multi-seater car for up to 8 people. So far, it’s only by phone at our control room.

Is it possible to order a car that has a car seat for a child?

Yes, you can order a car with a car seat or booster seat for children. So far, it’s only by phone at our control room.

Does the child need a car seat in the taxi?

When transporting a child in the municipality in a taxi service vehicle, there is no obligation to wear a child car seat, but the child must be wearing a seat belt and must not sit in the front seat.

Although the law allows children to travel in taxis without a car seat, we recommend that you always book a car with a car seat. We want our future to travel as safely as possible.

Act No. 361/2000 Coll. § Section 6 (Act on Road Traffic and Amendments to Certain Acts) states:

(1) In addition to the obligations set out in Sections 4 and 5, the driver of a motor vehicle shall

(c) to carry in a vehicle of category M1, N1, N2 or N32) equipped with a restraint system a child whose body mass does not exceed 36 kg and whose body height does not exceed 150 cm only with the use of a child car seat; in such carriage

1. the child must be placed in a child car seat that is suitable for his/her weight and body size,

2. in a seat fitted with an airbag which has not been deactivated or, if it has been deactivated automatically, the child must not be carried in a child car seat facing the direction of travel,

(4) The provisions of paragraph 1(1)(a) shall apply. (c) does not apply to the carriage of children in the municipality in a taxi vehicle when operating a taxi service; a child referred to in point (c) shall not be carried on the seat next to the driver and shall be restrained by a safety-belt.”

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